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Environmental Policy

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Inheriting and passing on social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition,” the SHO-BOND Group will work toward the achievement of a sustainable society by contributing to the development of a low-carbon society, resource-recycling society, society in harmony with nature through its business activities.

  1. In addition to compliance with environmental laws and regulations, we will promote education on the environment and endeavor to increase the awareness and knowledge of all officers and employees in relation to the environment.
  2. To achieve mutual understanding and cooperation with our stakeholders, we will communicate appropriately with society, and undertake environmental conservation activities, including the prevention of pollution, sustainable use of resources, mitigation of climate change, and the protection of biodiversity.
  3. We will engage in research on the development of new green construction methods and materials, and contribute to lessening environmental burdens.
  4. We will work toward better environmental performance through the continuing improvement of our environmental management system.

Quality Policy

For the achievement of our corporate philosophy of “Inheriting and passing on social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition,” the SHO-BOND Group engages in ceaseless efforts to provide services and products that satisfy its customers.

  1. We will endeavor to improve customer satisfaction through a correct understanding of the quality sought by customers and society.
  2. We will contribute to social infrastructure development by providing services and products that are suitable for the environment and local community while complying with laws and regulations.
  3. We will endeavor to ensure and improve quality of our service and products through proactive engagement in technological development.

Health and Safety Policy

Based on the philosophy that our highest priorities are the protection of life and the safety of construction activities, not only will the SHO-BOND Group comply with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety but all of its officers and employees will also work to eliminate workplace accidents as well as make efforts to maintain and promote good health. What is more, we will further aim to create comfortable working environments.

  1. We will achieve a safety culture that is of an even higher level.
  2. We will establish a health and safety management system.
  3. We will ensure the steady implementation of risk assessments.
  4. We will carry out measures for the reduction of occupational accidents involving third parties and severe workplace accidents.
  5. We will execute thoroughgoing health and safety education toward our own employees and the staff of our partner companies.
  6. We will ensure thorough preventive measures for occupational diseases.
  7. We will promote work style reforms for the prevention of health disorders caused by overwork.
  8. We will thoroughly ensure the prevention of property damage accidents.

Human Rights Policy

The SHO-BOND Group has established the policy of “Show respect for human rights” under the SHO-BOND Group Code of Conduct, which is applicable to all of its officers and employees. We ask our business partners, including our customers and partner companies, for their understanding and support of this policy.

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and norms related to human rights
    The SHO-BOND Group honors international human rights norms, such as the International Bill of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Furthermore, we will comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we carry out our business activities. In the case that such laws and regulations differ from international human rights norms, we will follow the higher standard, and in the case that they contradict one another, we will seek methods for respecting international human rights norms.
  2. Efforts related to the respect of human rights
    The SHO-BOND Group will respect each other’s diversity, values, individualities, and personal characters, and will fulfill its responsibility in relation to human rights through the following efforts.
    1. (1) Human rights due diligence
      We will formulate a framework for human rights due diligence, and continuously execute efforts to identify, prevent, and mitigate negative effects on human rights.
    2. (2) Remedy and relief
      In the case that we should cause negative impact on human rights, or if it should be found that we were complicit in such acts, efforts toward remedy and relief will then be made using appropriate means.
    3. (3) Education and training
      We will carry out appropriate education and training toward all officers and employees to ensure that this policy becomes established in our overall business activities.
    4. (4) Dialogue and deliberation with stakeholders
      We will deal with potential negative impact on human rights by engaging in dialogue and deliberation with related stakeholders on an ongoing basis.
    5. (5) Information disclosure
      We will regularly disclose information on our efforts related to human rights to be made according to this policy.

Procurement Policy

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Inheriting and passing on social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition” and toward the achievement of a sustainable society, the SHO-BOND Group will conduct its procurement activities on the basis of the following policy.

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms
    We will comply with the laws, regulations, and social norms of the countries and regions involved in the procurement activity.
  2. Fair and correct transactions
    We will carry out our procurement activities in a fair and correct manner as an equal partner.
  3. Respect of human rights
    We will respect basic human rights and endeavor to secure appropriate working conditions.
  4. Promotion of health and safety
    We will maintain a safe and sanitary working environment, and work to prevent workplace accidents.
  5. Maintenance of quality
    We will endeavor to maintain and improve the quality of our services and products.
  6. Environmental conservation
    We will carry out our procurement activities that give consideration to environmental conservation and the lessening of environmental burdens.
  7. Information security measures
    We will carry out the thoroughgoing management and protection of the confidential information obtained through the procurement activities.
  8. Contribution to society
    We will contribute to the development of society and the overall local community with an awareness that our procurement activities are deeply tied to the local community.

Anti-Bribery Policy

The SHO-BOND Group stipulates the Anti-Bribery Policy as follows based on the SHO-BOND Group Code of Conduct. We will uphold high ethical standards to prevent bribery, and ensure a fair and sound relationship with our customers and all other stakeholders.

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    Our officers and employees will not only comply with the laws and regulations concerning bribery applicable to all countries and regions that are related to their own duties but will also behave with social decency.
  2. Prohibition of bribery
    Our officers and employees will not engage in business entertainment or give money, goods, etc., to anyone to obtain unjust business gains, whether it is in a direct or indirect manner. Furthermore, they will not accept business entertainment, money, goods, etc., that deviate from common sense, and will uphold sound business practices.
  3. Thoroughgoing record and storage
    Our officers and employees will accurately keep truthful records related to expenditures in accounting ledgers and other books, and appropriately store such related materials.
  4. Execution of education and training
    We will regularly carry out education and training related to the prohibition of bribery and the internal whistleblowing system.
  5. Maintenance of a system for consultation, reporting, and whistleblowing
    To prevent and rectify the violation of this policy by our officers and employees, we maintain an appropriate system for consultation, reporting, and whistleblowing. Furthermore, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that persons who engage in such consultations, reporting, or whistleblowing, or cooperate with such persons, will not suffer any disadvantages.
  6. Response to violations
    In the case that our officer or employee violates this policy, we will immediately carry out an investigation of the facts and take disciplinary action that is in accordance with internal regulations, etc.
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