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Showa-ohashi Bridge collapsed (1964)
Japan's first restoration work using epoxy resin

50 years later,
confiemed the health of the bridege

Pioneer in Struc-ture Repair and Reinforcement

Construction Company that doesn't Construct

– Repairing is Our True Mission –

Focused on today’s infrastructure, looking ahead to the future

Experience and Technologies

– Our contributions to safety and quality in society –

News Release

Top Message

We share the corporate philosophy of “inheriting and passing on
social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition”
with the entire group and will continue striving to be a trusted company.

SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Tatsuya Kishimoto

Top Message

Construction Company that doesn’t ConstructWe create the future of social infrastructures

  • Comprehensive Maintenance System

  • Various Types of Infrastructures


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