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  • Compliance with laws and regulations / Fair business practices

Basic Concept for Compliance

The SHO-BOND Group believes that a sound compliance framework is vital to conducting business activities that meet high standards of social responsibility and are capable of sustainable growth. The SHO-BOND Group Code of Conduct enables all employees to do their jobs based on a thorough understanding of socially acceptable behavior, laws and regulations, internal rules and other guidelines.
All employees at the group are dedicated to the achievement of the action principles “Corporate Credo” and the Corporate Philosophy by using a broad range of activities for earning the trust of society and all stakeholders.

Corporate Philosophy

With a sense of mission of “Inheriting and passing on social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition,” we will contribute to the realization of a safe and affluent society by utilizing our advanced technological development capability as a leading company in the structure maintenance business.

Corporate Credo

  1. Make thoughtful decisions
    The most important standard for decisions about doing one’s work is whether or not the decision will result in greater benefits for stakeholders. Making decisions in this manner requires a multifaceted perspective of issues using different standards for each one rather than applying the same viewpoint to everything. Decisions need to be taken with foresight that is one or two steps ahead and without being restricted by any preconceptions.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions
    The SHO-BOND Group’s management philosophy is “Inheriting and passing on social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition.” All employees of the SHO-BOND Group should always keep in mind the fact that this philosophy defines how they perform their duties. In addition to keeping this philosophy in their minds, all employees should translate this spirit into actions and take responsibility for these actions. Only with this mindset can employees truly perform their duties at the group.
  3. Unify the workplace
    In the words of Akira Ueda, the founder of SHO-BOND, “neglecting the commitment to perseverance results in the loss of harmony and makes it impossible to maintain pleasant and disciplined workplaces with sound leadership.” In this context, perseverance is the dedication to cooperation for the purpose of achieving the common goal of aiming for an even better result and for happiness.
  4. Contribute to society
    Today, companies are expected to fulfill their social responsibilities by making contributions to society through a diverse array of interactions with stakeholders.
    All employees of the SHO-BOND Group should be aware of these responsibilities, use business activities to coexist with the community and never overlook an opportunity for the group to be a valuable member of society.

The SHO-BOND Group Code of Conduct

Social mission

  1. Earn customer satisfaction and trust
    We will fulfill all of our contractual obligations with customers and, based on sound communications with customers, provide the best possible construction services and products by making proper and timely decisions.
  2. Provide outstanding technologies and quality
    We will constantly develop new technologies and aim for even higher quality.

Take responsibility for your actions

  1. Perform sales activities properly
    We refuse to engage in collusion, bribes, dumping and other improper activities for receiving orders and will never accept any invitation to participate in these types of activities.
    We will work closely with project owners and prime contractors in order to receive orders in a fair manner and to clearly define contract terms.
  2. Remain focused on suitable construction operations and safety
    At all projects, we will establish a framework for compliance with the Construction Business Act and other construction laws and regulations, preventing accidents, and facilitating mutual understanding and cooperation with partner companies and suppliers.
  3. Ensure that accounting procedures and disclosure activities are proper
    We will establish and adhere to fair and appropriate procedures for accounting activities to ensure the reliability of financial reports and disclose information required by our stakeholders.
  4. Eliminate antisocial forces
    We refuse to respond to improper requests from antisocial forces and will never have any relationship with antisocial forces.
  5. Maintain a sound crisis management framework
    We have an organizational crisis management framework in order to respond immediately to a natural disaster, cyberattack, terrorism or other crisis.

Unify the workplace

  1. Contribute to maintaining a pleasant and productive workplace environment
    We will maintain healthy and safe workplace environments through measures to improve employment terms and other working conditions.
  2. Show respect for human rights
    We will never allow discrimination or other improper treatment of our employees regarding employment and compensation based on their nationality, gender, beliefs or other personal characteristics.
  3. Play a role in placing the right people in the right jobs
    We will perform fair and appropriate performance evaluations and provide compensation and training with the goal of enabling our employees to fully utilize their capabilities.

Contribute to society

  1. Participate in community involvement
    We will increase opportunities for communications with communities in order to participate in many programs for contributing to society.
  2. Be part of environmental conservation activities
    We will reduce the environmental impact of our construction projects through many activities in order to combat global warming, conserve energy and protect the environment in other ways.
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