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Corporate Philosophy

With a sense of mission of “Inheriting and passing on social infrastructure to the next generation in good condition,”
we will contribute to the realization of a safe and affluent society by utilizing our advanced technological development capability as a leading company in the structure maintenance business.

Our Vision

  • Fulfill our mission as a company specializing in maintenance
  • Be a technology-oriented organization that combines chemical and civil engineering technologies to create new materials and construction methods
  • Place priority on profitability and efficiency

The SHO-BOND Group Code of Conduct

SHO-BOND Corporate Credo was established in 1979 by Akira Ueda, the founder.
We inherited his fundamental spirit and have created a Group Code of Conduct that has guidelines for the activities of all employees.

Corporate Credo

  • – Make thoughtful decisions
  • – Take responsibility for your actions
  • – Unify the workplace
  • – Contribute to society
  1. Social mission
    1. Earn customer satisfaction and trust
    2. Provide outstanding technologies and quality
  1. Take responsibility for your actions
    1. Perform sales activities properly
    2. Remain focused on suitable construction operations and safety
    3. Ensure that accounting procedures and disclosure activities are proper
    4. Eliminate antisocial forces
    5. Maintain a sound crisis management framework
  1. Unify the workplace
    1. Contribute to maintaining a pleasant and productive workplace environment
    2. Show respect for human rights
    3. Play a role in placing the right people in the right jobs
  1. Contribute to society
    1. Participate in community involvement
    2. Be part of environmental conservation activities

SHO-BOND’s Materiality

The SHO-BOND Group has designated four Materialities based on social demands and the expectations of stakeholders. The Materialities are our priorities in order to achieve sustainable growth with our stakeholders as the SHO-BOND Group plays a role in solving social issues while continuing to increase corporate value.

The Materialities involve internal activities and how business activities affect society. We believe that all of these activities contribute to accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals and achieving the SHO-BOND Group’s Corporate Philosophy.

The SHO-BOND Group will continue to leverage business activities for constant progress concerning these Materialities in order to contribute to long-term sustainable growth and the development of a sustainable society.

  1. HOME
  2. Our Company
  3. Philosophy