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Efforts to Improve the Workplace Environment

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As an organization committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities, the SHO-BOND Group has the goals of continuing to grow while contributing to the creation of a sustainable society. Accomplishing these goals requires workplace environments where all employees can enjoy fulfilling careers while realizing their full potential.

Group companies exercise care to ensure that their people can stay in company for a long time, doing their jobs with confidence and good health. Workplaces are structured to enable people to develop and take full advantage of their skills.

Maintaining proper working hours

The prevention of excessive working hours is vital in order to preserve the physical and mental health of employees. This is why everyone is urged to use vacation time.
The Proper Working Time Project was started in 2014 with measures that include revisions to the rules of employment, and the initiation of no overtime days. The SHO-BOND Group is also aiming for sustainable growth while taking actions for preventing excessive working hours and increasing the use of vacation time. Achieving this growth will require raising the efficiency and productivity of business activities.

Prevention of excessive working hours

In 2017, the SHO-BOND Group started using a new system for recording working time. This framework allows efficiently monitoring the number of hours on the job and when individuals go to work on a weekend or holiday. There are working time reduction projects at every office, region and job site. Successful methods used to lower working time are reported at management meetings and other places so these ideas can be used for improvements throughout the group.

Encouragement of vacation time use

A vacation time month has been designated to make it easier for employees to take time off. There are also activities to give people a better awareness and understanding of the paid leave system as well as to encourage them to use this time off. The use of paid leave is monitored and individuals who do not use a significant amount of this vacation time are contacted to determine the reasons.

Improvements in efficiency and productivity

Group companies make extensive use of equipment that can raise productivity and there are other measures to boost the efficiency of tasks involving investigation, designs, construction and other activities.

More working style flexibility

Everyone at the SHO-BOND Group has his or her own distinctive values. Furthermore, the needs of group employees inevitably change as they advance to different stages of their lives. Consequently, group companies respect the right of individuals to select their own life style as long as they fulfill their duties at work.

Selection of employment type and the self-declaration system

The SHO-BOND Group gives employees the flexibility to choose an employment type with or without transfers to different locations. Many individuals change this employment type to reflect the current stage of their lives. Every year, there are employees who ask to be shifted to or from status that allows transfers. The self-declaration system allows individuals to confirm their employment type and job status once every year.

Child care support program and measures to promote its use

The SHO-BOND Group has a program to assist employees who are raising children and to promote the use of this program. This assistance allows people to continue working at the group with confidence while maintaining the proper balance with time required for childbirth and caring for children.


To increase the use by men of time off for child care, a new system for encouraging the use of this program started in 2019. A Child Care Leave Promotion Pamphlet has been prepared to raise the awareness and use of this program. This has contributed to a slow increase in the use of child care leave by male employees. In December 2020, SHO-BOND CORPORATION received Kurumin certification in accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children as a company that supports child care.

Talent development programs

Employees are the most valuable asset of the SHO-BOND Group. To play a role in the creation of a sustainable society, we must have a workforce with highly advanced skills along with workplace environments that allow these people to fully utilize this knowledge.

Education and training

Experience is a critical component of repair and reinforcement construction activities. On-the-job training is a key element of measures to develop employees’ skills. Young people are assigned tasks that span a broad array of responsibilities. This process gives these people the ability to solve on their own problems involving business activities.

Employees are given the opportunity to acquire know-how and technologies that match each stage of their advancement at the SHO-BOND Group. People progress to the next level in a well-planned and effective manner. The goal of this system is the long-term development of the skills of everyone at the group.

Training for new employees

Newly hired graduates immediately enter a training program that involves a training camp for about two weeks to learn the fundamentals for the beginning of their new lives as a member of a company.

After this initial training, people advance to practical lessons in order to learn skills required for their jobs by starting with the basics. Next, new employees go to construction sites with experienced people and spend about one year acquiring basic knowledge about how work is done at these locations.

Construction technology presentation

Every year, more than 100 engineers of all ages from SHO-BOND Group companies nationwide gather to share information about innovations and other successful ideas implemented during the past year. Holding this event makes it possible to quickly use new ideas throughout the group.

The best innovations receive awards, which is a motivation for many people at the group to work hard in order to come up with breakthroughs worthy of an award.

Support for earning a PhD

The SHO-BOND Group has a Graduate School Support Program that provides assistance to employees who want to upgrade their technological skills by earning a PhD.

Periodically, employees can submit applications to participate in this support program. Individuals who are selected receive payments to cover tuition and time off as needed, and other forms of assistance for completing a PhD program.

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